Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Books for Sale

Books for Sale

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"We Will Win!"

"Whose soul was not stirred when we read how Maurice Anderson, an engineer on one of the ships that was torpedoed, when seven of the group got in a little life boat and the flaming oil was burning around him.  He said all seven of them were enveloped in flame, and the captain said he would go down with the ship - that is the law of the sea.  But Maurice ran over the deck, and it was covered with oil and finally his shoes caught fire, and his clothes.  He kicked off his shoes, took off his burning clothes and plunged over the stern of that ship and for some thirty hours it was a battle between life and death and he swam around between two walls of fire.  After a while a torpedo boat came to rescue him.  He was too weak; he couldn't take hold of the rope, but the ensign plunged over and rescued him, and he is now in a hospital. 

What did he say?

Is he complaining?  Is he finding fault with the government?  Is he finding fault with the hour?  What does he say?

"Just as soon as I am able I want to go back and get on another ship." 

That is the spirit of America!  That is the spirit of Jesus Christ!

Oh, God, help us then that we should go out week after week and day after day, and stand for Him and when He comes we will have some service to show Him.

The revival is on.  I am witnessing on every hand, in all sections.  Never was it so easy to win souls.  I never saw so many people seeking after God - all classes, banker and farmer, industrialist and laborer.

Revive thy work, O Lord."

~ J. Frank Norris

(Taken from one of Dr. Norris' sermons in 1941)

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