Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

This little children's chorus was a typical song that children sang in the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas, under the ministry of J. Frank Norris. In this modern age it seems that many churches have veered away from a proclaimation of simple truths so prevalently taught from the bible. Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See, a little children's chorus which teaches the young in a manner which they can understand.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


The shortest verse in the bible tells the whole story of redemption in just two words. John 11: 35 “Jesus Wept”.

Why did Jesus weep? For the same reason God and the angels are at this present time weeping over the decadent condition of all humanity. We must go back to the Garden of Eden and take note of the proper setting for us to arrive at an understanding of the total picture.

Just one little bite out of that proverbial apple which grew out of the Tree of Life gives us a fore-shadowing view of the plight of the human race. No sooner had Adam and Eve committed this seemingly small sin of disobedience, that their eyes where opened to the awareness of their nakedness. In a moment’s time, this awareness shrouded them in shame. (underscore the word shame)….for it’s speaks volumes to us as a defining moment in our transition from darkness to light. What followed was the benevolent act of God. It was not a moment of glee, when the innocent lamb was slain to provide adequate covering for Adam and Eve. Let me fast forward, neither was their jubilant rejoicing when the “Lamb of God” was slain at Calvary in order to provide covering for all humanity. And now, six thousand years hence, that little bite out of the apple has mushroomed into millions of little bites. But what is so significant, unlike the response of Adam and Eve, resulting in their shamefacedness, is the fact that multitudes are no longer ashamed, but rather in most cases, proudly reveling in acts of disobedience, which grieves the heart of God. No wonder “Jesus wept”.

We live in an infected society and cannot help from being a part of it, but to grovel in it, is a different story. We are caught in a trap, (as it where), which is to say, we are helpless to lift ourselves from this state of abyss. But like the little lamb that was slain, another lamb (Christ) who for all of time and eternity has been slain as a sufficient covering for all those who have experienced shame just like that of Adam and Eve.

I do not claim in any form or fashion of understanding the great mysteries of life and beyond. But I do believe the way of eternal life is so simple that even a fool need not err. Mercy and goodness is knocking at each and every door. We respond by saying either yes or no to his invitation. As for me, I need the covering for I am ashamed of my sinful nature. In Heaven our tears will be wiped away, but as long as evil prevails and hell endures, there will always be tears as when “Jesus wept”.

Roy Falls

A Distorted Rendition of the Norris' Legacy

As long as a distorted assessment continues concerning the infamous murder trail of J. Frank Norris, a true review of his legacy will never be forthcoming. Pundits insist on perpetuating a falsehood with the hopes of (ipso facto) passing judgment without foundation. Apostasy starts with trying to discredit old fashioned traditional beliefs in the bible. And so making J. Frank Norris to appear as a gun-toting parson is a deliberate attempt to discredit his message, over and over.

The assertion that J. Frank Norris killed an unarmed man cannot be sustained by any degree of fact or fiction. Court testimony quotes the victim as repeating over and over to witnesses that his intent was to eliminate J. Frank Norris. He barged in unannounced. If this man were not carrying a gun, then how was he to carry out his plan? His own words were self incrementing. You don’t threaten the life of another with a pack of cigarettes. He, the victim, was known to carry a weapon and all logic compels me to believe he had in his possession, (in spite of perjured testimony) a weapon to carry out his threat.

In my next video, I hope to convey to you the kind of a simple message that J. Frank Norris preached Sunday after Sunday; and to this day, none have surpassed his unique way of preaching a timely message.

Roy Falls

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lorene Rains - Norris' Private Secretary

No one knew more about J Frank Norris than his own personal, private secretary Lorene Rains ... who was aware of ALL his private affairs. I interviewed her in 1974 ... and have a hand written account of that interview. If she was living today she would open up a "can of worms".

Today's pundits don't talk about her because she was "behind the scenes" and virtually never talked about. Lorene had the "real" "inside" story!

Roy Falls

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roy and Eula Falls photos - 1947 and 2007

Eula & I walked hand in hand from 1947 to 2009 ... 62 years. We never veered from our commitment, ever. Eula was fond of J. Frank Norris and cried when he died in 1952. Cherished memories will last forever.

J. Frank Norris asked my brother, Lloyd, "Where did Roy find that beautiful woman?"

Eula often spoke of wanting to fly like a bird when she reached Heaven.

With affection toward one another, is proof positive that there has to be a grand reunion just ahead.

Roy Falls


Roy and Eula Falls on the sidewalks of Fort Worth, Tx. in 1947.

Roy & Eula Falls in Granbury, Tx. in 2007, 3 yrs. prior to Eula's death.

BLESSED ASSURANCE - Do you Know For Sure That YOU Are Going to Heaven When YOU DIE?

If you can answer "YES" to the following 12 questions, this would be good evidence that you have been "BORN AGAIN". Without the "NEW BIRTH", no one will enter the place called HEAVEN.

1. Do you feel the presence of God's Spirit dwelling in your heart?
Romans 8:16

2. Do you enjoy being in the presence of genuine Christians?
I John 1:3

3. Do you have a desire to keep God's Comandments to the best of your ability?
I John 1:6

4. Do you revere the "Word of God", knowing that it is truly God's word?
I Corinthians 2:14

5. Are you aware of your "sinful" nature?
Romans 3:11

6. Is our SOUL vexed (pained) when you see or hear ungodly acts around you?
2 Peter 2:7

7. Have you been able to say "No" when your "unsaved" friends entice you to take part in acts of sinfulness?
Ephesians 2:2

8. Do you "enjoy" giving to help spread the gospel message?

9. As you look on your past life, do you detest the sinful acts which are no longer attractive to you?

10. Have other people ever complimented you on having a "wholesome Christian spirit"?
Galatians 5:22

11. Do unsaved friends back away from you when you talk about the Bible?

12. What are your highest expectations? Do you long to see Jesus when He comes the second time to reign over the earth?

Did YOU Answer "YES" To All 12 Questions?

This could be conclusive evidence that your name is written in "The Lambs Book of Life". Rejoice over this BLESSED ASSURANCE!

This tract prepared and paid for by:
Roy Falls
3505 Cherokee Trail
Granbury, Tx. 76048

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fanny Crosby - A Far Reaching Influence

Few people realize the extent of Fanny Crosby's work, as she has the astonishing number of eight thousand religious poems to her credit! Fanny Crosby was born in New York in 1820. At age six weeks of age she lost her eyesight when a local physician applied hot pultices, which resulted in her blindness. The popular indignation when this malpractice became known flamed so hot that the ill-educated doctor hurriedly left town for parts unknown.

Fanny, herself, however, as she grew into girlhood, harbored no trace of resentment against him. She accepted her lot cheerfully, as a part of the will of God for her.

Her natural buoyancy of disposition reinforced her Christian faith.

"Blindness," she wrote in later life, "can not keep the sunlight of hope from the trustful soul. One of the easiest resolves that I formed in my young and joyous heart was to leave all care to yesterday, and to believe that the morning would bring forth its own peculiar joy."

As a young girl, Fanny would sit, evening after evening at twilight, on a favorite big brown rock and drink in the sounds of birds, crickets and the near-by waterfall, imagining the hues of the sky and softly repeating to herself all the verses of the Bible that came to her well stocked mind. The scene is a prophecy of the Christian poet that she became.

When a renowned physician said "Child, you can never be made to see, Fanny's mother became grief-stricken, but not the young child. In that mood was born her first poem, written when she was eight years old:

Oh! what a happy soul I am!
Although I cannot see,
I am resolved that in this world
Contented I will be.
How many blessings I enjoy
That other people don't!
To weep and sigh because I'm blind
I cannot nor I won't.

To gain an education now became her consuming ambition. At the age of fifteen, she was admitted to the New York Institute for the Blind and a new chapter in her life was begun.

Not until the age of 31 did she have that vital assurance of Christ's love and God's pardon that she called her conversion.

One night in a vivid dream, a warm friend of hers, who seemed to be dying, asked her, "Will you meet me in heaven?" It did not matter to find, on waking, that the friend was in sound health. The question had set her to thinking deeply. Shortly after she and her companions were singing, "Alas! and did my Saviour bleed" and as they came to the line, "Here, Lord, I give myself away," she definitely offered herself to God and a flood of light and joy ensued. She joined the Old John Street Methodist church. This experience became determinative of her inner life, of her lifework, and of the sentiment of her hymns.

And as goes the old saying " the rest they say, is history."

Fanny Crosby's songs form an appropriate atmosphere for evangelistic preaching ... they produce conviction of sin and conversion. Of their far-reaching influence, only eternity can give the details.

Shut in from the distracting sights of the outer world, she has seen deeply into eternal truth and has put that truth into verse that has influenced countless thousands of lives.

Her songs have survived because of her Christian message.

Roy Falls

Friday, July 8, 2011

Avoid Dogmatic Assertions

David R. Stokes' Slanted Version of J. Frank Norris (#2)

An example of how a picture is worth a thousand words. Notice the demomic eye. If the photo on cover of the Stokes' "The Shooting Salvationist" is of an altered nature, then one assumes the content of the book is also altered.

David R. Stokes' Slanted Version of J. Frank Norris

If the photo on the book cover of Stokes' book "The Shooting Salvationist" is of an altered nature, then one assumes the content of the book is of an altered nature.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



From time to time we will post our audience listeners:

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Ireland (new in July 2011)
Japan (new in July 2011)
Mexico (new in July 2011)

Friday, July 1, 2011

It Is Either NOW or THEN

While I may not with divine authority relate what your first words will be when you breathe your first words in eternity, I do have a strong feeling what those words may be. They are found in the Gospel of Luke 18:13. Simple words they are, but indicative of a most revealing mystery which opens up the secret chambers of God’s heart.

These simple words cross all boundaries of nationalities, all races and of all men since the time of Adam. There is but one way designed from the very beginning in which all of humanity can be made partakers of the heavenly kingdom. If you never comprehend the depth of the meaning of Luke 18:13, you will never enter into the Kingdom of God. I quote those simple words which are: “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner”. This is how plain and simple of how God can draw all men to Himself. Then “how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation.”

So when an unsaved person first gets a glimpse into the face of an all powerful God, His first words are very likely to be, “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner.” When faced with an inevitable and fixed doom, this has to be, by pure logic, the first words uttered by a lost person.

Now, how much better in this life while there is still available a life line of hope, and ample provision already paid for and all we have to do is pray the simple sinner’s prayer with the same intensity which I am sure you will utter on the day of Judgment.

Sooner or later, every human being will utter that prayer, either now or then.

By Roy Falls

Kangaroo Court - The Book 'The Shooting Salvationist' is an Example of "Kangaroo Court"!

A kangaroo court is a colloquial term for a sham legal proceeding or court. The outcome of a trial by kangaroo court is essentially determined in advance, usually for the purpose of ensuring conviction, either by going through the motions of manipulated procedure or by allowing no defense at all.

A kangaroo court's proceedings deny due process rights in the name of expediency. Such rights include the right to summon witnesses, the right of cross-examination, the right not to incrimate oneself, the right not to be tried on secret evidence, the right to control one's own defnse, the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained, irrelevant or inherently inadmissible, e.g., hearsay, the right to exclude judges or jurors on the grounds of partiality or conflect of interest, and the right of appeal.

Mr. David R. Stokes, the jury has spoken loud and clear and Norris did not need to exercise his Right of Appeal.

Mr. David R. Stokes uses kangaroo court methods. You who purchase his book have been snookered.