Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Books for Sale

Books for Sale

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Great Judgment Morning

Sung by T. Marshall Kelly

The rendition of this song, "The Great Judgment Morning", was Mordecai Ham's favorite traditional hymn. Billy Graham was converted in one of Ham's meetings and no doubt was influenced by the song's message.  Would it not be wonderful if we could return to those revival times.  J. Frank Norris and Mordecai Ham were best of friends for thirty years.

With pleasure I include this song, sung by T. Marshall Kelly, on the J. Frank Norris Historical Society blog.

Roy Falls
January 17, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Israel Under Pressure

One bedrock unchangeable fact of biblical history is the irreversible covenant God made with the ancient Israelites. Following the events of the past validates this most phenomenal truth, but least understood of a vast array of biblical mysteries.

It now appears (from recent news reporting) that Israel will be under pressure to accept the "two state plan." They are destined to resist, which just might lead to the inevitable coming invasion. The bible aludes to all of this, however, a definitive insight is difficult to forecast. ~ Roy Falls


Pageantry and Entertainment ... is the format for modern Christianity.

Atheistic evolution has teamed up with theistic evolution resulting in a illusionary Deity.

Laughter has supplanted tears.

These are reflections of Roy, learned from the ministry of J. Frank Norris.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Blog Audience Thru The End of 2012

From time to time we will post our audience listeners:

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South Korea
Burkina Faso
Iran (new in February 2011)
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Singapore (new in February 2011)
Uruguay (new in February 2011)
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Belarus (new in April 2011)
Denmark (new in April 2011)
Saudi Arabia (new in April 2011)
Spain (new in April 2011)
India (new in April 2011)
Australia (new in April 2011)
Uzbekistan (new in April 2011)
Netherlands (new in April 2011
Egypt (new in April 2011)
Latvia (new in May 2011)
Ukraine (new in May 2011)
Czech Republic (new in May 2011)
Bermuda (new in May 2011)
Portugal (new in May 2011)
China (new in May 2011)
France (new in June 2011)
Liberia (new in June 2011)
Romania (new in June 2011)
Kenya (new in June 2011)
United England (new in June 2011)
Taiwan (new in June 2011)
Nigeria (new in June 2011)
Ireland (new in July 2011)
Japan (new in July 2011)
Mexico (new in July 2011)
Costa Rica (new in August 2011)
Pakistan (new in August 2011)
Hong Kong (new in August 2011)
Malaysia (new in August 2011)
Zambia (new in August 2011)
South Africa (new in August 2011)
Israel (new in September 2011)
Sweden (new in September 2011)
Indonesia (new in September 2011)
Vietnam (new in September 2011)
Fiji (new in September 2011)
Serbia (new in September 2011)
Honduras (new in September 2011)
Finland (new in October 2011)
Greece (new in October 2011)
Belize (new in November 2011)
New Zealand (new in November 2011)
Venezuela (new in December 2011)
Lithuania (new in December 2011)
Moldova (new in December 2011)
Italy (new in December 2011)
Bulgaria (new in December 2011)
Palestian Territories (new in December 2011)
Dominican Republic (new in December 2011)
Georgia (new in December 2011)
El Salvador (new in January 2012)
Cyprus (new in January 2012)
U.S. Virgin Islands (new in January 2012)
Poland (new in January 2012)
Argentina (new in January 2012)
Colombia (new in February 2012)
Ecuador (new in February 2012)
Turkey (new in February 2012)

Lebanon (new in March 2012)

Slovakia (new in April 2012)
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Cambodia (new in April 2012)
Switzerland (new in April 2012)

United Arab Emirates (new in May 2012)
Iraq (new in May 2012)
Namibia (new in May 2012)
Bangladesh (new in June 2012)

Kazakhstan (new in January 2013)