Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Books for Sale

Books for Sale

Thursday, April 28, 2011

J Frank Norris - There is More to the Story than just "Praise & Worship"

The gospel vitality is denigrated in contemporary music. There is a failing of the modern church.

Roy Falls and daughter singing two hymns, I Love to Tell the Story and Onward Christian Soldiers, which was President Roosevelt's favorite hymn.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Matthew 28:2-8
2. And behold, there was a great earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it.
3. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow:
4. And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men.
5. And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.
6. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
7. And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead, and, behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him: lo, I have told you.
8. And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy, and did run to bring his disciples word.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What Jewish Tradition Has Given To The World

1.  Freedom and liberty are the very foundation of any healthy society and is rooted
     in Judaism. 
            (a.)  Traced back to the historical experiences of the Israelites during the
                   Egyptian enslavement.

2.  The government exists to serve the needs of the people and that there is a position
     of power and authority which have a responsibility, not only to their constituencies
     but to God as well.

3.  That gold (or money) is indeed a tool, valued not only for it's aesthetic value, but
     especially for the good of humanity.

                                   (Taken from Dismantling The Big Lie by Jacobs & Wertzman)

All of this above has a "ring" foreshadowing the millennial kingdom.

By Roy Falls

MUCKRAKING ... At It's Worst

Having to defend a noble man from half-truth allegations detracts from focusing upon the real message which is how to be a successful soul-winner! In the early 1920s, Texas was a hotbed of KKK activity.  The five areas of Klan agenda included anti-Catholic rhetoric, the anti-black sentiments, the influx of Jewish immigrants, the sleazy bootleggers of the prohibition era and wife beaters which included wayward husbands.  These 5 elements of Klan concern played a great part in the mushrooming influence of the KKK.  Such a huge amount of the population of the state was caught up in the atmospheric frenzy that roughly one half of all the population were either members of the Klan or overtly in symphony with one or more of these 5 areas of concern. 

To have lived through this period of between 1920 thru 1927, would have made an inevitable impact upon almost all of the population.  To make a fair and adequate judgment on any one of several persons who might have been on the peripheral fringes of Klan alleged connections would take a massive amount of research, which at this time, does not exist.  (As far as I am aware).

One of the early Texas governors, Pat Neff, was a revered Baptist leader, and was, by all accounts, swept into office in 1922, partially by virtue of solid Klan support.  His opponents had accused him of taking a weak stance concerning this support from the Klan.  Later, in office, Klansmen were allowed to post their flags on capitol grounds.    Considering the context of the time, posterity does not equate Pat Neff with being (cozy) with the Klan.  He is revered in the annals of Texas Baptist history and rightfully so. 

The Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) has been a long time associate against the abuse of alcohol.  In the 1920’s, the (WCTU) shared a common interest with the (KKK) in promoting the enforcement of prohibition laws.  Does anyone doubt the credibility of the WCTU?  Are they considered common cohorts in concert with the KKK.  History does not support such supposition.

In the case of another respected governor of Texas, Dan Moody, was accused by former governor, Jim Ferguson as having the support of the KKK.  Ferguson, campaigning for his wife, (affectionately known as “Ma” Ferguson)  in 1926 said that Moody’s campaign was “daddyed in the evoluted monkey end of the  Baptist Church and boosted by the KKK”.  All of Ferguson’s rhetoric flies in the face that Moody, as Attorney General of Texas, had successfully fought the Klan.  History is a certain vindicator of the facts and Moody, to this day, remains a hero. 

From the pen of Michael Phillips, writing for the Fort Worth Weekly on July 02, 2006 quotes “A high ranking Klansman in 1922 congratulating the local Klan leaders.  Stating, (90% of your preachers, your leading lawyers and your social leaders are loyal Klansmen.”

With so much apparent evidence of Klan presence and predominate influence, it would seem that some degree of Klan connection would be almost unavoidable.  If 90% of the Protestant churches were infiltrated by Klansmen, would the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth be immune?  Sighting isolated incidences is not credible evidence in trying make a case.  The ministry of the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth deserves no more or less treatment than that which is afforded others in this time period. 

On March 13, 1924, the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show designated that day as Klan day.  Where the city fathers who were promoters of the stock show Klan sympathizers.  One isolated incident does not prove a case in view of the times in which it occurred.  In view of the 5 elements of the Klan element, who can say which of the 5 elements were predominately represented? 

By way of analogy, I use the example of World War II, in which I was actively engaged in processing thousands of German war prisoners.  I did not get the feeling that all of these prisoners were hardened Nazi criminals.  Surprisingly, a month after V-day, we mixed and mingled with these prisoners, who, a month before had been our bitter enemies.  Our feelings of bitterness began to vanish and we saw these ragged prisoners as victims in a light which would have been impossibly just two months earlier.

The stated purpose of my website is to factually present the ministry of J. Frank Norris in an honest way.  Indeed, he was a man of strong convictions in which often times were counter to a more moderate way of approach.  He did not need to hide behind a bed sheet in the secrecy of the night to express his opinions.  His friendship with Rabbi George Fox is not accidental which, by the way, is icing on the cake. 

By Roy Falls

The following excerpt (by Jay Robinson in 2007) comes from the fight over the old Hard Rock Cafe Building, formerly McKinney Ave. Bapt. Church in Dallas, Tx.

Concerning J. Frank Norris' supposed racism, please go to (go to "Audio" & click '1945 Last Sunday') where you can listen to a recording of his own voice in the last sermon of the year 1945 at the First Baptist Church and where you will hear him in the opening comments of his sermon invite people of all colors and races to a coming service.  He does use the term "colored," which was acceptable in that time.  However, he invites other races into an anglo Baptist church in Texas in 1945, which was not at all acceptable.  Before you judge a man by one letter written in 1928, you should study him more deeply.  Within the context of his times, J. Frank Norris was NOT at all a racist.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

THOUGHTS TO PONDER ... A Soft Answer Turneth Away Wrath

To stand mute when an answer is demanded is not wise; but to respond in kind to a rude or angry word is like adding fire to fire.  One evil multiplied by two adds up to poor arithmetic.

A soft answer is like water to fire.  It helps to put out the flame.  It takes no courgage to vent anger with loud, rude and obstrusive language, but the bravest of men have mastered the discipline of self-control and learned the importance of a patient response.

The effectiveness of a soft answer is increased because it is more often accompanied by forethought, as opposed to spontaneous fits of anger.

Grievous words stir up anger, but a soft answer turneth away wrath.

Written by Roy Falls

(From personal collection of  Weekly Column Of One Hundred Words.  Theologically based concepts...derived from a lifetime of experience and study)

THOUGHTS TO PONDER ...A Virtuous Woman, Grand to Behold

Sons in particular are disposed to love and respect their mother above all others.  This is true, in part, because a mother can show love better than she can speak it.

It is the mother who keeps the home together.  If the man, by tradition, is the breadwinner, the mother is the breadkeeper and distributor.  Women, as mothers, are creatures of inspiration, made so by the grace with which they carry themselves.

The sweet voice of a mother is her crowning charm which reveals itself in her inborn compassion.  She speaks and the act is done.

Women, as mothers, are capable of enormous strength.  It is they who are the undergirding foundation of a nation.  Sons on far off battlefields think most often of their mothers.

She knows how to cheer the weary husband as well as to soothe the fretful child.  For her reward, she asks only for a kind word of appreciation.

Written by Roy Falls

(From personal collection of  Weekly Column Of One Hundred Words.  Theologically based concepts...derived from a lifetime of experience and study)

THOUGHTS TO PONDER ... Perserverance, The Secret of Success

Success in life is within the reach of each and every one of us if we set reasonable goals based upon our God-given talents.  Perserverance in pursuing those goals must be a part of the equation.

Completing the task is not achieved quickly for most people, and there are no magic formulae which can work in every situation, but perserverance, diligence and determination, all synonymous terms can overcome barriers which might otherwise be impossible to cross.

The person with a perservering mentality does not stumble over a few mistakes, but uses them as stepping stones to the next rung up the ladder of achievement.

To the achiever, with diligence, temporary setbacks are viewed as building blocks which add strength and beauty to the finished product.

Written by Roy Falls

(From personal collection of  Weekly Column Of One Hundred Words.  Theologically based concepts...derived from a lifetime of experience and study)

THOUGHTS TO PONDER ... Integrity, Worth Striving For

Integrity and trustworthiness are synonymous terms.  In a world of mistrust, society is reaching out for a stabilizing influence, without which meaningful transactions cannot take place.

A person of integrity does not shift principles to accomodate changing mores.  Fixed principles to not change.  They remain the same in every situation.  Honesty, coupled with simple wisdom can confound the pitiful acts of a selfish, deceitful person.

Within the recesses of our consiousness, there is an innate awareness of the difference between honesty and deceit.  This is why the man or woman of integrity is trusted and held in high esteem.

The person of integrity walks the high road, not the path of thoughtless deception. 

Written by Roy Falls

(From personal collection of  Weekly Column Of One Hundred Words.  Theologically based concepts...derived from a lifetime of experience and study)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Various Newsclippings







Setting the record straight




(The following is a typed clarification of the above hand-written notes by Roy Falls)


Dr. Norris had drawn no salary for years.
          The church could not pay the mortgage on property across the street.
          The company was in the process of claiming ALL church property.

He then filed suit for back payment of salary and thus circumvented the mortgage company.  This booklet explains it ALL: I (Roy Falls) was there, but at age 16 did not understand all of the complication.

This incident explains why Dr. Norris had so many devoted followers. 

The relent split between Rice and Dr. Norris was basis of RICE spreading rumors. 
          (1)  Over his penicostal leaning:
                       (a).  I interviewd a Mr. Fuller (now deceased).  He knew all of the facts.

Any castigation (improperly) is an indirect slap at all the great men and women who were a part of First Baptist Church.
          Brooks Morris - Founder of Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
                    (a) Stanch Defender
          Bob Wood Edmondson - High School Texas Book Author
          Charley Brazelton - Vice President of Fort Worth Bank
          (to name a few) .... Reputable people - who were my heros.  I knew them all.

1.  Depression days were tough
2.  For years he received no salary
3.  Devoted friends helped him financially
4.  He died penniless
          (a) I knew his sons well - they had financial struggles

Roy Falls
3505 Cherokee Trail
Granbury, Tx.  76048

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Contrite and Broken Spirit

Without a broken heart, you will never appreciate what Christ did on the Cross.

Roy Falls and daughter singing 3 old hymns. Daughter is playing the family's portable old oak pump organ...which was purchased around 1957 ... and was played by her in various tent revivals in the mid to late 1950's.

Friday, April 8, 2011

J Frank Norris speaking to the Texas Legislature


As time passes, the "real" J. Frank Norris surfaces.  He was the honored speaker in 1941 (shown above) before a special session of the Texas Legislature.  This reflects J. Frank Norris' credibility.

The Effect of the Christian Message


(The following is excerpted from a sermon by G. Campbell Morgan)

It is life unto life, or death unto death.  It produces jealousy or joy, blasphemy or belief; the spirit of hell which pursecutes, or the spirit of holiness, which seeks to save.  The preaching of the cross for evermore appeals to the intellect of men, and divides them.  It stirs the emotional life, producing opposite and conflicting emotions.  It storms the will, and demands belief, or blasphemy.  The preaching of the word divides as nothing else in the wide world can to.

On the one side, are those that judge themselves, unworthy of this age-abiding life; on the other hand are those who are disposed to this age-abiding life.  These will blasphem and believe not.  On which side do I stand?  That question must be answered in the secrecy of the soul.

(J. Frank Norris was an admirer of G. Campbell Morgan.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

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Life is Full of Illusions


Letters to the Book Editors of New York Times and Wall Street Journal



He Carried A Broad Ax ... (Figuretively Speaking)


It was not long after J. Frank Norris was called as pastor in 1909 that conflict was inevitable.

Following is an example of early confrontation. The chief deacon began his conversation:

"Norris, when we called you we thought you had some sense, but you are a D___ fool! And this is to notify you that you are fired!"

I walked up close to him, and if the Lord ever helped a poor preacher He helped me that noon. I was made over. There was something beyond human power and wisdom that shot through my soul. I looked him squarely in the eye, and I wasn't afraid of him. I had already come to the point where it mattered little what happened to me. All sense of fear was gone.

I said, "Mr W______ No. You have not made a mistake. I thought you made a mistake in the call, but you are the one that is fired."

He had objected to the crowd of poor people I was bringing to the church, and even went on the say, "I noticed the other night where you baptized a notorious street walker in the very same baptistry where I was baptized."

I said, "You are mistaken. There was not one; there were two. And I don't know how you know who they are, but last Sunday night they came to the church and it was crowded and they couldn't get in, but stood on the outside and heard the message. And the next day they came to my house, and one of them had a little girl five years of age. And they both in the presence of my wife and me related the story of their sin and sorrow and wanted to be saved and start life over again. We prayed, and they were both saved. And I want to say to you, Sir, that I would rather have my church filled with publicans and sinners that come to hear the gospel, than to have it run by a worldly, ungodly crowd of officials that have their automobiles full of liquor and women and go out and spend all night on the lake and then come around the next Sunday and pass around the bread and wine at the Lord's table. You are fired! And next Sunday I am going to tell the whole world your threats!"

And I did, and the fight was on, and it has been on ever since.


Roy Falls