Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Newspaper Clipping Strongly REFUTES Allegations of Norris

Above is documentary evidence that strongly refutes the constant allegation of:
 "Norris Killed An Unarmed Man."

Note that Chipps was accompanied by an "UNKNOWN ACCOMPLICE."  Does it not make sense that we have another view of this event which just might reveal an apparent (no pun intended) cover-up? 

This newspaper account was published ONE HOUR after the event occurred, which does give credence to the fact that this unknown accomplice could have confiscated the gun before the police arrived, which is a far superior theory than all these hearsay myths, which later became adulterated.

Roy Falls, founder:
The J. Frank Norris Historical Society

Monday, September 9, 2013


Unknown by even the rank and file members of the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth is a remarkable lady who knew more about the legacy of J. Frank Norris than even his own family.

She was the long time personal secretary of Norris, with an intimate knowledge of Norris' private affairs. I am the only living acquaintance of this little known lady.  Before her death in 1976, she revealed information to me, which, when fully explained, will explode many of the false myths, the critics have been loathe to publish.

It concerns the relationship between the Norris and the G. B. Vick family, which existed for many years.  All of this relates to the breakup in 1950 of that relationship.  The one-sided tales have never subsided even after 50 years of Norris' passing.  Norris, in the mind of many outsiders, had a "dark side", as has been reported.

The untold story leaves out the underlying facts which only Lorene Rains was privy to.  Outwardly, the relationship between the Norris family and the wife of G. B. Vick seemed to be of an amicable nature.  Not so, according to Lorene Rains.  The details of which are best left untold since so much falls under the category of 'hearsay".  However, all the 'amicable' years prior to 1950 were surface coatings.  The gory details someday will surface.

As an eyewitness I naturally have, through the years been a stanch supporter of this man, so my critics 'love to hate'.

Roy Falls