Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Books for Sale

Books for Sale

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Blog Audience ... (83 countries thru the end of May 2012)

From time to time we will post our audience listeners:

United States (Beginning August 2010)
South Korea
Burkina Faso
Iran (new in February 2011)
Brazil (new in February 2011)
Guatemala (new in February 2011)
Singapore (new in February 2011)
Uruguay (new in February 2011)
Germany (new in March 2011)
United Kingdom (new in March 2011)
Thailand (new in April 2011)
Belarus (new in April 2011)
Denmark (new in April 2011)
Saudi Arabia (new in April 2011)
Spain (new in April 2011)
India (new in April 2011)
Australia (new in April 2011)
Uzbekistan (new in April 2011)
Netherlands (new in April 2011
Egypt (new in April 2011)
Latvia (new in May 2011)
Ukraine (new in May 2011)
Czech Republic (new in May 2011)
Bermuda (new in May 2011)
Portugal (new in May 2011)
China (new in May 2011)
France (new in June 2011)
Liberia (new in June 2011)
Romania (new in June 2011)
Kenya (new in June 2011)
United England (new in June 2011)
Taiwan (new in June 2011)
Nigeria (new in June 2011)
Ireland (new in July 2011)
Japan (new in July 2011)
Mexico (new in July 2011)
Costa Rica (new in August 2011)
Pakistan (new in August 2011)
Hong Kong (new in August 2011)
Malaysia (new in August 2011)
Zambia (new in August 2011)
South Africa (new in August 2011)
Israel (new in September 2011)
Sweden (new in September 2011)
Indonesia (new in September 2011)
Vietnam (new in September 2011)
Fiji (new in September 2011)
Serbia (new in September 2011)
Honduras (new in September 2011)
Finland (new in October 2011)
Greece (new in October 2011)
Belize (new in November 2011)
New Zealand (new in November 2011)
Venezuela (new in December 2011)
Lithuania (new in December 2011)
Moldova (new in December 2011)
Italy (new in December 2011)
Bulgaria (new in December 2011)
Palestian Territories (new in December 2011)
Dominican Republic (new in December 2011)
Georgia (new in December 2011)
El Salvador (new in January 2012)
Cyprus (new in January 2012)
U.S. Virgin Islands (new in January 2012)
Poland (new in January 2012)
Argentina (new in January 2012)
Colombia (new in February 2012)
Ecuador (new in February 2012)
Turkey (new in February 2012)

Lebanon (new in March 2012)

Slovakia (new in April 2012)
Kuwait (new in April 2012)
Cambodia (new in April 2012)
Switzerland (new in April 2012)

Norway (new in April 2012)

United Arab Emirates (new in May 2012)
Iraq (new in May 2012)
Namibia (new in May 2012)
Bangladesh (new in June 2012)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Roy Falls' Upcoming Monthly Book Review for May 2012

As a participant in the Hood County Library book review program, Roy Falls will give an oral review of  "The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbons.

This review will take place at the Hood County Library in Granbury, Texas, on the last Friday of May, 2012.  Please check with library for exact time.

I Will Continue On ... Until The Truth Be Known - (#28)

We have added #28 (below) to our original post from February 14, 2012 (I Will Continue On ... Until The Truth Be Known).

People who gag at a gnat, by drudging up the past of the Norris saga, will do themselves well if they take a glimpse of the past 2,000 years of religious history. Truly an epic time in human history that would reveal a most horrendous series of tragic events.

Roy Falls

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Short Clip Of The History of Dr. Norris by Dr. Sam Vallini

Dr. Norris' ministry produced approximately 3,000 soul-winning bible believing pastors. Dr. Norris baptized approximately 40,000 people during a 15 year period.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Go to the average church ..... I say this kindly ..... what do we find?  They are discussing some modern educational program, or some little social service program.  Yes, all these programs will not tell a mother that she shall see her babe that occupied the empty cradle; all these programs don't tell a man like J. W. Smith, whose funeral I conducted this afternoon, on Saturday night when he lay dying.  I sat on the bedside of that old engineer that had pulled the throttle for thirty years ... he said, "I am happy ... as I think of the hour that is coming."  All the wisdom of the world hasn't anything to give that man ... they can't tell him as he looked down the rail and kept his hand on the throttle that he is going to roll into the Union Station above!  They are just as blind, the religious leaders today, as the wise men of Babylon, when the fingers of God wrote over against the candlestick upon the wall ..... listen, "THEN, CAME IN ALL THE KING'S WISE MEN; BUT THEY COULD NOT READ THE WRITING, NOR MAKE KNOWN TO THE KING THE INTERPRETATION THEREOF."  Then we hear the word of the queen who was awakened and brought into the presence of the king and his drunken lords ...... "THERE IS A MAN IN THY KINGDOM, IN WHOM IS THE SPIRIT OF THE HOLY GODS; AND IN THE DAYS OF THY FATHER LIGHT AND UNDERSTANDING AND WISDOM OF THE GODS, WAS FOUND IN HIM."

~ J. Frank Norris