Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

J Frank Norris Supported Zionism

Tonight I want to deal with a subject which has very seldom been addressed at length. It is a subject in which the man for whom my website is named, The J. Frank Norris Historical Society, was vitally concerned for and had a deep-seeded compassion for its success.

I refer to the movement of what has been called, “Zionism” which originated in the mind of Theodore Herzl in about the year of 1900. Mr. Herzl, of Jewish descent, looked toward the future and foresaw the day in which a national homeland would be established for Jews scattered around the world for the first time in over 2500 years. This dream was finally culminated in 1948, but I must state, it was in part only, for the final and complete culmination is yet in the future.

I want to emphasize the futuristic concept of this dream, for that thought carries with it a host of unanswered questions worthy of consideration. The future is unknown but who knows, there may come a time scientifically, that we can foretell the future.

Zionism per se did not begin in the mind of Theodore Herzl, for the thought behind Zionism dates back to the Old Testament time of Abraham, 1500 years before Christ. The year of 1900 just happened to be the focal point reviving the concept of the re-gathering of the nation of Israel.

The connotation of Zionism invariably is linked with religion and in this case, it is the religion of the Jewish people. The subject of Zionism is important, not only from a religious standpoint, but also should serve as a basis for scientific research. In this modern era, science has reached a plateau of respectability and rightfully so in so far as true science is concerned. Science prides itself in holding to ideals of objectivity. It is no accident that the world’s greatest scientific minds are of Jewish descent. Albert Einstein is a case in point. Zionism likewise is an idea born in the mind of Jewish sages. What may seem like a silly idea to some just might be a meaningful source of serious research concerning the future of Zionism if the same amount of endeavor where forthcoming as that which is devoted to earthly science. We then just be able to determine the future of mankind.

Zionism is synonymous with the core message of the Old Testament, and out of this has immerged the era of Christendom.

Like all of life, Zionism is shrouded in mystery, but it’s adherents, while clinging to the hope of reaching the land of “milk and honey”, has motivated untold millions and so, like the Zionists and J. Frank Norris, a foremost proponent of Zionism, we join in singing there is a land that is fairer than day……In The Sweet By And By.

Roy Falls
October 2011

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