Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Thursday, July 28, 2011


The shortest verse in the bible tells the whole story of redemption in just two words. John 11: 35 “Jesus Wept”.

Why did Jesus weep? For the same reason God and the angels are at this present time weeping over the decadent condition of all humanity. We must go back to the Garden of Eden and take note of the proper setting for us to arrive at an understanding of the total picture.

Just one little bite out of that proverbial apple which grew out of the Tree of Life gives us a fore-shadowing view of the plight of the human race. No sooner had Adam and Eve committed this seemingly small sin of disobedience, that their eyes where opened to the awareness of their nakedness. In a moment’s time, this awareness shrouded them in shame. (underscore the word shame)….for it’s speaks volumes to us as a defining moment in our transition from darkness to light. What followed was the benevolent act of God. It was not a moment of glee, when the innocent lamb was slain to provide adequate covering for Adam and Eve. Let me fast forward, neither was their jubilant rejoicing when the “Lamb of God” was slain at Calvary in order to provide covering for all humanity. And now, six thousand years hence, that little bite out of the apple has mushroomed into millions of little bites. But what is so significant, unlike the response of Adam and Eve, resulting in their shamefacedness, is the fact that multitudes are no longer ashamed, but rather in most cases, proudly reveling in acts of disobedience, which grieves the heart of God. No wonder “Jesus wept”.

We live in an infected society and cannot help from being a part of it, but to grovel in it, is a different story. We are caught in a trap, (as it where), which is to say, we are helpless to lift ourselves from this state of abyss. But like the little lamb that was slain, another lamb (Christ) who for all of time and eternity has been slain as a sufficient covering for all those who have experienced shame just like that of Adam and Eve.

I do not claim in any form or fashion of understanding the great mysteries of life and beyond. But I do believe the way of eternal life is so simple that even a fool need not err. Mercy and goodness is knocking at each and every door. We respond by saying either yes or no to his invitation. As for me, I need the covering for I am ashamed of my sinful nature. In Heaven our tears will be wiped away, but as long as evil prevails and hell endures, there will always be tears as when “Jesus wept”.

Roy Falls

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