Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

BLESSED ASSURANCE - Do you Know For Sure That YOU Are Going to Heaven When YOU DIE?

If you can answer "YES" to the following 12 questions, this would be good evidence that you have been "BORN AGAIN". Without the "NEW BIRTH", no one will enter the place called HEAVEN.

1. Do you feel the presence of God's Spirit dwelling in your heart?
Romans 8:16

2. Do you enjoy being in the presence of genuine Christians?
I John 1:3

3. Do you have a desire to keep God's Comandments to the best of your ability?
I John 1:6

4. Do you revere the "Word of God", knowing that it is truly God's word?
I Corinthians 2:14

5. Are you aware of your "sinful" nature?
Romans 3:11

6. Is our SOUL vexed (pained) when you see or hear ungodly acts around you?
2 Peter 2:7

7. Have you been able to say "No" when your "unsaved" friends entice you to take part in acts of sinfulness?
Ephesians 2:2

8. Do you "enjoy" giving to help spread the gospel message?

9. As you look on your past life, do you detest the sinful acts which are no longer attractive to you?

10. Have other people ever complimented you on having a "wholesome Christian spirit"?
Galatians 5:22

11. Do unsaved friends back away from you when you talk about the Bible?

12. What are your highest expectations? Do you long to see Jesus when He comes the second time to reign over the earth?

Did YOU Answer "YES" To All 12 Questions?

This could be conclusive evidence that your name is written in "The Lambs Book of Life". Rejoice over this BLESSED ASSURANCE!

This tract prepared and paid for by:
Roy Falls
3505 Cherokee Trail
Granbury, Tx. 76048

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