Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wisdom of the Elders of Zion - Gems of Genesis

‘Gems from Genesis’

All of the tenets of God’s revelations are found in the book of Genesis.  Maybe not in detail, but a journey through the 66 books of the bible reveals for us the foundational truths of all of God’s revelations.

Foremost of all the greatest truths is God’s plan for man’s reconciliation unto himself.  Most bible believers believe that all of us were born sinners by virtue of Adam’s fall.  Ironically, Calvinists and Armenians alike agree on this point.  Through no fault of our own, we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity.  This is a fact shrouded in mystery, but, corroborated throughout scripture.  Modernists do not accept this doctrine, but when they get a glimpse of the full story, their beliefs are likely to change. 

How God dealt with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, is rich in every aspect of theology.  It must be stated emphatically that the account of their redemption offers no evidence of any act on the part of Adam as a contributory factor to his redemption.  Salvation wholly is a work of grace.

You will notice that when Adam and Eve became aware of their nakedness, following their act of disobedience, they immediately hid themselves and tried to cover their nakedness by a fig leaf covering. 

This story is a perfect picture of humanity when sinful awareness becomes real.  There are just two ways of reaction when sinful awareness becomes paramount.  We either attempt to excuse or cover ourselves by some form of human ingenuity which of course is a tragic situation.  On the other hand, like Adam, we should become profoundly ashamed.  When sin is exposed, it becomes a distasteful act, which of course, grieves the heart of God.  His heart is filled with tears, but mankind is oblivious to this fact, because of the hardness of our hearts. 

It is at this point that God’s spirit leads us to the only alternative we have if we expect to be accepted into His family as redeemed souls; and that is to pray the sinner’s prayer.  (Luke 18:9-14).  That simple prayer will ring the bells of heaven as no other, and that is why with authority that Jesus could say “I am the way, the truth and the light.” 

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism and even some parts of Protestantism  are all centered around the performance of some earthly deed as a requirement for entrance into that celestial city.  They cannot fathom the meaning of that simple “Sinner’s Prayer.”  Only God, thru Christ Jesus, understands the cry of the penitent sinner.  A successful soul winner sticks to this simple “Sinner’s Prayer”.  Herein lies the inside story of a phenomenal ministry that happened seventy years ago in Fort Worth, Texas under J. Frank Norris.  This hymn that we sing tells the whole story … “Ring The Bells of Heaven”.

By Roy Falls

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