Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Credible Witnesses of the Character of J. Frank Norris

My videos are produced in conjunction with the J. Frank Norris Historical Society.

By way of information to each of you, since August of 2010, our videos have been viewed by approximately 5000 viewers.

I assure you that my aim is to be factual and accurate on every occasion. Today, I want to give you names of persons, all of whom I knew very well, and whose credibility is beyond dispute. These are the names of people I refer to:

Brooks Morris
Lorene Rains
Bob Wood Edmonson
Charlie Brazelton

A question I would like to pose to all of those in past decades and also at this present time ....

1. Why were these people not interviewed as to the
character of J. Frank Norris in numerous biographies
2. You may say these people are dead and long gone
out of the picture
3. My answer is .... I'm not dead .... (Gail, do I look like
I'm dead?) ... I can vouch safe of what these four
people related to me about the man J. Frank Norris.

Brooks Morris was Choir Director of the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth for 28 years. He was founder and Director of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. Using his Stradivarius violin, Mr. Brooks Morris taught violin lessons to the"Whos Who" elite of Fort Worth society.

a. He related to me that J Frank Norris was the
most honorable and and decent man he ever knew.

Lorene Rains, whose name has long been forgotten, was Norris' personal secretary for about 28 years. She was not even a member of the First Baptist Church. Outside of the Norris family, Lorene Rains knew more about the personal life of J. Frank Norris than any of his associates. In my interview of her...she said to me..... J. Frank Norris was a "Gentlemen's Gentleman".

Miss Bob Wood Edmonson, English textbook author for the state of Texas, was a devoted member of the First Baptist Church. There was never a more honorable person than Miss Edmonson. She was Dr. Norris confidant. During my interview of Miss Edmonson....I remember her quoting to me Dr. Norris' quote: "Miss Edmonson...... I want you to listen to every word I say in my sermons and correct me if at any time my English is not correct." She was my teacher at Paschal in 1936.

Mr. Charlie Brazelton, was Vice President of the Fort Worth National Bank. His comments to me were: J. Frank Norris my dearest friend. Charlie’s wife was a teenager when Norris became pastor in 1909.

Now, looking at the negative side, which the pundits have used to misinform the inquisitors.

Quoting from the late Dr. Criswell: (this was a summarization of all of what Norris’ critics have said) "J. Frank Norris had a dark side". He, Dr. Criswell, of course has passed on, but to those who echo Dr. Criswell's sentiment, my challenge is this .....

Be specific, if you can, and present convincing evidence of this so-called "dark side". I will give you equal time on my video to all who challenge me. Write to Roy Falls, Comanche Chapel, Granbury, Tx.

I defend J. Frank Norris because he was the greatest personal soul-winner of his generation. Why not learn from a man who accomplished so much.

By Roy Falls

Lorene Rains, (left) Secretary to Dr. J. Frank Norris (right)

1 comment:

  1. Bro. Falls

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I am grateful for the legacy of Dr. Norris. I was privileged to teach in a Bible College founded by one of Norris' last students. He used to speak of Dr. Norris with such respect. Again, thanks and may God bless you sir.

    Dr. Jim Roebuck
    First Baptist Church
    Hooker, OK