Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wonderful Words of Life

The stated purpose of this website has always been to present the legacy of J. Frank Norris in a positive manner and in the way in which I remember him.  My recollection of this man goes as far back as 1928.  The story of the real J. Frank Norris needs to be told, if for no other reason than that misinformation may be discredited.  The message of this is meant to be somewhat reflective of his basic theological beliefs.

I use just one verse of scripture as the underlying premise of what I wish to convey. 

Genesis 1.1 ... "In the beginning God created."

If we stop with that one verse and attempt to gaze back into the historical past, a thousand and one theories have been offered as to what transpired in ages past.  On a positive note, the existence of a creator is, even in this modern age, an almost universal belief.  Likewise, and strange as it may seem, evolutionary scientists and biblical creationists recognizing this reality of cataclysmic events have been known to be a part of pre-historic occurrence.  The creation story still retains it's attractive appeal simply because of what followed Genesis 1:1.

Prehistoric thesis deal in such elusive speculation that interest in such endeavours must give way to what follow Genesis 1:1.  What follows Genesis 1:1 is a message of hope and wisdom of what lies ahead.  How marvellous to behold.

It is no wonder that the story of the bible has for 6000 years been labelled as the greatest story ever fold.

Hymn writers of the past has been inspired by the beautiful words of life.

Those great hymnal writers of old have penned the words of many immortal songs, that tell it all .... including Philip P. Bliss who wrote 'Wonderful Words of Life'

Roy Falls

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