Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Will Continue On ... Until The Truth Be Known

(Periodically we will add to the list below ..... and re-post as a "new" post.)

In recording events, careful attention must be given to relative importance, their mutual relations, their causes and other consequences.

Without this consideration of the causes and their consequences of past events, history lacks its chief scientific and philosophic elements, and contributes little to one’s understanding of his own age or of the way in which he can best service his fellow man. (A quote from Dorothy Ruth Miller).

The J. Frank Norris Historical Society subscribes to this rule of historical research.

1.  “J Frank Norris was no more racist
than everyone else in his lifetime.”
(reference - Barry Hankins)

2.  “J Frank Norris was not cozy with the Klan.”
(reference - Texas Methodist Historical Society)

3.  “J Frank Norris did not murder an unarmed man.”
(refer to the testimony from - Jane Hartwell)

4.  “J Frank Norris never stood by and watched a lynching.”
(reference - The Waco Horror)

5.  “J Frank Norris' heart was in the right place.”
(reference - H. L. Mencken)

6.  "John Birch did more than any one man
to end the war in the Pacific."
(This is a quote from General Claire Chennault
according to Dr. John Rawlings and published in the
Biblical Evangelist, January 8, 2011)

7.  "J Frank Norris was among the first
who denounced the fraudulent document,
"The Protocols of Zion." Many clergymen
assumed an ambivalent attitude toward
this document."
(Read the history of the Baptist Union)

8.  "J Frank Norris, whatever the controversies,
deep in his character was the "spirit of
the builder". He built in beliefs, in
numbers and in stone. These monuments
(Amon G. Carter, Sr. editorial 1952)

9.  J Frank Norris loved the Jews, as God's
chosen, because they produced the greatest
prophets and preachers of all time.
(common knowledge)

10. J Frank Norris was not a "shooting salvationist";
he was a defender of his life against the threat
of a would-be assassin.
(reference: The jury has spoken)

11. J Frank Norris, in rare fashion, proclaimed
with clarity the simple story of salvation.
The many avenues approach is a deception
clothed in intellectual garb, thanks to the
C. S. Lewis phenomenon.
(read the articles of C. S. Lewis)

12. J Frank Norris was not pretentious.
The Webster dictionary associates religiosity with
pretense (showmanship).
What you saw was what you got.
(reference: All of his admirers would agree ... H. L. Mencken as well.)

13. J Frank Norris had a grasp of world history. 
He was at ease with potentates as well as the common man.
(reference: The record speaks for itself.)

14. J Frank Norris is quoted as saying the following: 
“I would do anything to keep a man out of hell.”
(reference:  Taken from a sermon (1912) and found in the archives of the
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth.
This belief was the underlying foundation of all of Norris’ ministry.)   

15. J Frank Norris was not anti-Catholic.  Such accusations
are a cheap way of avoiding serious dialogue.
(reference:   Roy Falls)

16. J Frank Norris was one of the most complex characters
I had ever met; his whole attitude implied that he was
a man who had been through a most regrettable, even deplorable, but wholly unavoidable accident,
about which he had nothing to conceal.
(reference:  Marcet Haldeman-Julian, author of the original Shooting Salvationist from the 1920’s.  The Marcet interview took 4 days after the event.)

17. J Frank Norris is a tonic for jaded spirits.
(reference: T. T. Shields of the University of Nebraska)

18. “J Frank Norris was not a “rabble rouser.” 
Hundreds of classy young men from the
First Baptist Church served in World War II.
They were not rabble.  Many never returned home.
I speak on their behalf from first hand experience.” 
(Roy Falls)

19. "J Frank Norris could do anything with a crowd.
He could have them weeping,
he could have them laughing,
he could have them do anything,
and when you listened to him
you just were moved by him,
and you felt that way."
(W. A. Criswell, pastor First Baptist, Dallas Tx.)

20. J Frank Norris could make the plan of salvation
plain and simple. This art is missing today.
(Roy Falls)

21. "J Frank Norris was the most honorable man I ever knew."
(Brooks Morris, founder of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, told me this in an interview in 1975.)
(Roy Falls)

22. "When I get to heaven I want to look up that
gracious black man who carried me up the muddy banks
of the mighty Mississippi River.  I was less than
6 yrs. of age and on my way to Texas. 
My shiny red boots are still buried in that river."
 ~ J. Frank Norris 

23. J Frank Norris was a “one man” crusader for reform, which is a characteristic of all reformers.  Mobocracy  is a poor alternative, religion notwithstanding. 
(Roy Falls)

24. The life J Frank Norris cannot be assessed by Wikipedia research methods. 
(Roy Falls)

25. The art of dialectics is like the pursuit
of a lover whispering “sweet nothings”
in the ear of an unsuspecting maid.
(Roy Falls)

26. J Frank Norris was a proponent of free speech ...
if you doubt it, there's more to come.
(Roy Falls)

27. The J. Frank Norris that I knew never worried,
was not full of anxiety, never was in a hurry and
never looked for the next thrill. 
Above all, he was not a narcissistic loony.
(Roy Falls)

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