Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Subtleness of Sin

The downfall of humanity and demise of nations can be attributed to the deceitfulness of this one little element, The Subtleness of Sin. It all began in the Garden of Eden, a seemingly simple act of falling prey to the age-long trickery of Satan is as real today as it was six thousand years ago. Be not deceived, for your sins will find you out.

Mr. Stokes, in his latest book, does not seem to grasp the serious nature of this phenomenon, but having been blinded by his own naivete, nevertheless has mastered the art of deceitfulness invented by the arch deceiver of all time. Stokes, with his eloquent way with words, makes it appear that Norris was the leader of the KKK pack.

Anyone halfway familiar with the ministry of J. Frank Norris is well aware of his life-long attempt in exposing the evils of the cursed liquor traffic, which has been the downfall of multitudes. Instead of applauding the great crusader, he (Stokes) tries to make him out as a man out of touch with the times. In the minds of critics, Norris’ attacks on the liquor industry seem to be more of an evil than the curse of liquor itself. No, Mr. Stokes, J. Frank Norris was not out of touch, his early experiences in life taught him the real lessons of life. Evil is evil, even if smells like a rose in religious garb. Billy Sunday was also a great crusader.

You will note Mr. Stokes’ mishandling of the Ku Klux Klan issue. The record shows that J. Frank Norris was a shaker and a mover in the religious world resulting in the great divide, best described as “Fundamentalism vs. the Modernist controversy.” Herein lies the background and how the act of deceit plays a vital role. Instead of total honesty in giving a report of the religion/Klan entanglement, Mr. Stokes equates “Fundamentalism” as the fertile ground for Klan recruitment. He knows full well the difference between “Fundamentalism” and “Protestantism”, but yet fails to acknowledge that is was “Protestantism” not “Fundamentalism” that furnished this fertile ground. Honest research reveals the involvement of “Protestantism” in this perplexing era. In the south and in Texas, the largest Southern Baptist Churches, were leaders in the Klan movement, whose acts of violence had some similarity to that which happened in Jasper, Texas. Read the story of Jesse Washington. Ironically, it was Norris who was often threatened with violence, NOT the other way around. Incidentally, Mordecai Ham, a Norris cohort, was at one time, “tarred and feathered” by the liquor crowd.

Last but not least, the inside story of J. Frank Norris has not yet been told. It involves his early detection and recognition of the legitimacy of Jewish causes. Human conflicts involving the Middle East are shrouded in mystery. The crucial issue of Zionism lies at the heart of this mystery. Norris was in the forefront on the side of the Zionist Movement in the 1920s. But rather than focus on this life and death issue, deceitfulness has diverted the focus and thus subtle lies have become the paramount topic.

Thank you all and may God Bless America,

Roy Falls

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