Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Legacy of Dr. Louis Entzminger

Louis Entzminger had a long association with J. Frank Norris from 1913. They were friends for a lifetime. Entzminger was there thru not only the good times but the bad times. Both were labled "old fools" by those who tried to oust them from leadership of the fellowship. (Roy Falls)


I want to introduce to you a man, many of you have never heard of, but I think it is highly appropriate to tell you that the name of J. Frank Norris might never have received much more than a glitch in the history books if it had not been for the long-standing relationship which he (Norris) had with his associate, Louis Entzminger.

The 34 years of a close relationship, through hard-times and good can not be told in just a few words. But it is my intent to tell you more about this sainted man, who, if he had been a Roman Catholic would have already been beautified by the Pope.

He was not the "old fool" which to some in his latter years was the way in which he was characterized due to his life-long association with J. Frank Norris. Had it not been for Louis Entzminer, there would never have been an Arlington Baptist College. The same could be said also of the Baptist Bible College of Springfield, Missouri.

To those of you who were privileged to hear him expound upon the scriptures know that I am not exaggerating one bit.

You may ask, why do you spend time trying to preserve the legacy of men who lived 50 to 75 years ago? I answer, for the same reason, that the Methodists honor the memory of John Wesley. For the same reason that Lutherans honor the courage of the great reformer, Martin Luther. For the same reason that Catholics perpetuate the work of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Augustine. And, also for the same reason, Presbyterians honor John Calvin.

God Bless America,

Roy Falls

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