Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Setting the record straight




(The following is a typed clarification of the above hand-written notes by Roy Falls)


Dr. Norris had drawn no salary for years.
          The church could not pay the mortgage on property across the street.
          The company was in the process of claiming ALL church property.

He then filed suit for back payment of salary and thus circumvented the mortgage company.  This booklet explains it ALL: I (Roy Falls) was there, but at age 16 did not understand all of the complication.

This incident explains why Dr. Norris had so many devoted followers. 

The relent split between Rice and Dr. Norris was basis of RICE spreading rumors. 
          (1)  Over his penicostal leaning:
                       (a).  I interviewd a Mr. Fuller (now deceased).  He knew all of the facts.

Any castigation (improperly) is an indirect slap at all the great men and women who were a part of First Baptist Church.
          Brooks Morris - Founder of Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
                    (a) Stanch Defender
          Bob Wood Edmondson - High School Texas Book Author
          Charley Brazelton - Vice President of Fort Worth Bank
          (to name a few) .... Reputable people - who were my heros.  I knew them all.

1.  Depression days were tough
2.  For years he received no salary
3.  Devoted friends helped him financially
4.  He died penniless
          (a) I knew his sons well - they had financial struggles

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