Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Legends are made up of half truths.  Hearsay opinions are irrelevant in a court of law.  Half of what the public has heard of J Frank Norris is pure hearsay. 

            1.  Hearsay has labeled him as a “Shooting Salvationist”
                        (a).  He was neither a Salvationist nor a Shooter

            2.  Hearsay says he “murdered an innocent man”
                        (a).  The jury says he was “not guilty of murder”

            3.  Hearsay says he was a “rabble rouser”
                        (a).  “Rabble” definition: The lowest or coarsest class of people
                        (b).  His church attraced all classes of people, including:
                                    1.  Brooks Morris ... Director of the Fort Worth Symphony
                                                Orchestra.  He was NOT low-class. 
                                    2.  Miss Bob Wood Edmonson ... Editor of English textbooks
                                                used in the State of Texas….she was no rabble.
                                    3.  John Birch (The John  Birch Society) ... the first casualty
                                                of World War II…..killed in China.  He was top of his
                                                class of Mercer University. 
                                    4.  J. C. Penney….was not a member, but attended frequently.
                                                He was a gentleman of the first order….and no rabble. 
                        (In time, I could list thousands of others.)

            4.  Hearsay has it that he was a racist. 
                        (a)  Barry Hankins “author of God’s Rascal” said he was no more racist
                                    than others of his time. 
                        (b)  Time Magazine quotes, “Norris said I have no brief for the Klan”.

            5.  Most of the hearsay rumors originated from former associates.
                        (a)  Their credibility is weakened by virtue of delayed reaction.    

By Roy Falls

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