Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To Have a Perennial Revival

It is not my purpose to lecture on how to have a perennial revival. But, what I can do, is give an account of what I was privileged to be a part of over 70 yrs ago, at the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas, where J. Frank Norris was pastor for over 44 yrs.

Sunday after Sunday, I witnessed of upwards of 100 people walk the saw-dust trail and entered into the baptismal waters, new converts drawn from all parts of the city, and many fresh from the lesser desired parts of the city. From this vantage point of 2011, I believe that I have a clear understanding which explains this phenomena.

The pattern is laid out in the book of Acts which records the facts of 3000 souls being added to the church in such a short period of time. The method never changes. What is seen on the surface is not always an accurate picture of the real story.

I try to relate the inside story of the ministry of J. Frank Norris with whom I had the privilege of observing up front. Twenty-five years to be exact. The force of his personality was indeed overpowering, but as I will show in a later video, J. Frank Norris had the unique ability in a timely fashion to defer to others when the situation called for such act of deference.

In a later video, I will be relating a fascinating experience Norris had in 1911 in Owensboro, Kentucky, the account of which revealed much about the man, most people have never heard of.

The electrifying stories you may have heard of J. Frank Norris comes out of the charged atmosphere prevalent at the Wednesday night prayer services. Every sermon preached had at it’s core, what Norris had heard from a whole host of fervent soul winners.

His spirit was buoyed from testimonies like that of Mr. Masters (a real life person) who never failed to win a soul each and every week. He was only a lowly paid street sweeper, but it was men like Mr. Masters whose every word and actions brought nothing but hardy amens. It was workers like Mr. Masters that super-charged these Wednesday night prayer services, not by a lot of small-talk, but reports of successful soul-winning efforts.

It was from the book of Acts, Chapter 5, which lay at the root of whatever success may have been the outcome. Individual soul winning will change the atmosphere of an otherwise lukewarm church. Experiences that a soul winner encounters will make for Godly conversations, when the assembly comes together. Soul-winning reports will give an up-lift to any congregation and when bathed in tears will touch the heart of the entire church.

Friends, America needs a genuine, spiritual revival.

It all begins with each one of us.

Pray that God will condition us and give us a desire to reap the harvest.

Jesus said the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.

The simple story of salvation begins when the seeking soul is driven to pray the sinner’s prayer……………..LORD, be merciful to me a sinner…..tell it to your friends, over and over.

We are thankful to be hearing from friends in
Russia Africa Philippines Canada, as well as many from the USA

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