Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Friday, December 17, 2010

J. Frank Norris ...... THE CURSE OF LIQUOR

Volumes could be written about the curse of liquor inflicted upon humanity.  In his early life, J. Frank Norris recalled many unhappy experiences.  These experiences account why he was so adamant in addressing this issue.  In this 21st century, people in general, have become complacent about this menacing curse.

As a youth, Norris witnessed first hand, the devastating affects of the curse of liquor upon the life of his own father.  At the age of  7, Norris recalled an incident, which so infuriated his father and almost ended the boy’s life.  Young Norris was caught breaking bottles of liquor hidden in the family barn, whereupon, his father, Warner, preceded with a merciless beating.  After the incident, the sobered father, tearfully regretted the incident and is quoted as saying:

                         “Oh God, liquor has ruined my life, and my home.
             Take this boy that I have been so cruel to,
             and send him up and down the land to smite
             the awful curse that has wrecked his father’s life
             and broke his mother’s heart.”

But the memories of his mother are altogether a different story.  He honored his mother as no other person.  He attributed whatever success he attained to that of his praying mother.  To you who view this video, you can be thankful if you have a praying mother.  If you get to Heaven, most likely it will be as a result of a praying mother. 

The song  “Tell Mother I’ll Be There”  is reminiscent of every message J. Frank Norris preached.  This song we sing is in memory and honor of  J. Frank Norris. 

When I was but a little child how well I recollect
How I would grieve my mother with my folly and neglect;
And now that she has gone to Heav’n I miss her tender care:
O Savior, tell my mother, I’ll be there!
Tell mother I’ll be there, in answer to her prayer;
This message, blessèd Savior, to her bear!
Tell mother I’ll be there, Heav’n’s joys with her to share;
Yes, tell my darling mother I’ll be there.
Though I was often wayward, she was always kind and good;
So patient, gentle, loving when I acted rough and rude;
My childhood griefs and trials she would gladly with me share:
O Savior, tell my mother, I’ll be there!
When I became a prodigal, and left the old rooftree,
She almost broke her loving heart in mourning after me;
And day and night she prayed to God to keep me in His care:
O Savior, tell my mother, I’ll be there!
One day a message came to me, it bade me quickly come
If I would see my mother ere the Savior took her home;
I promised her, before she died, for Heaven to prepare:
O Savior, tell my mother, I’ll be there!

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