Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Those who may not be familiar with the ministry of the late J. Frank Norris, may rightfully ask, why engage in an effort perpetuating the legacy of one amoung hundreds in the past, who have been just as noteworthy as this one man.

As a close observer, I can only relate my opinion, which is the purpose of this website.  The subject of Christianity never ceases to be an object of inquisitive inquiries.  With myriads of volumns written on this subject, there never seems an end to an endless quest.  The age-long attempt to unravel the mysteries of life demand as never before a clarion call for definitive answers to life's mysteries.

One of the mysteries often inquired about is "What about the millions who have never heard the gospel?"  Spiritually minded persons should be able to give an answer.  More often than not, extensive rethoric tends to cloud the subject, rather than give enlightened scriptural explanation.

These conclusions lead into the "whys" and "wherefores" of this website.

Suffice it to say on this brief summation of the life of J. Frank Norris, he had an innate ability to speak the common man's language.  His messages always had a scriptural basis and were delivered in such a simplistic manner that the common man heard him gladly. 

What could be more simplistic than the sinner's prayer?  "Lord, be merciful to me a sinner".  This one phrase was the cornerstone of every message.  The content of the "Sinner's Prayer" passes the test of scriptural critique as well as the intellectual approach. 

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