Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Roy Falls at Norris' gravesite

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Airy Nothingness

    AIRY NOTHINGNESS: Comets that race through the universe have been described as "airy Nothingness". Delightful to behold, but lacking in substance. Such is the case with all of our so-called "collective learning." Expectations are nothing but futile teasers, if based on human efforts alone. Without God, which is the current trend, judgment is sure to follow 

    ~ Quote Roy Falls.

The Only Light In A Dark World

    THE ONLY LIGHT IN A DARK WORLD: The risen Christ, declared to be Son of God, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead. 

    ~ Roy Falls

How To Overcome Depression

    HOW TO OVERCOME DEPRESSION: By learning that the great battle lies in the power of the Lord. "Not by might nor by power , but by my Spirit , sayeth the Lord".

    ~ Quote Roy Falls.

We Walk By Faith: Not By Sight

    WE WALK BY FAITH: NOT BY SIGHT. " The Just shall live by faith". Faith will lead to eternal life; sight will lead to eternal damnation. Faith will not play "footsy" with evil; sight will entangle you with corruption. Faith is substantive; sight is fantasy. Faith will save you from pitfalls; sight will cause you to stumble. Faith will brighten your pathway; sight will darken the path. The scenario is endless...

    ~ Quote: Roy Falls


    A BROKEN WORLD: We live in a broken world, filled with broken people. A situation which can only be fixed by a broken-hearted people, called Christians, used of God in HIS own way. Strange as it may seem, God uses broken vessels, emptied of self, but patched up by His redeeming grace and transformed and made over in the image of His dear Son. 

    ~  Roy Falls 


    FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY ..... These are the building blocks of civilization, and the foundation of the coming Kingdom. These three principles are far more superior to man's wisdom. Knowledge too, shall pass away, for it changes with every passing generation. The half has not yet been told, for now we see only in part. Reason enough to conclude that without faith, we grope in darkness.

    Quote:  Roy Falls

Vintage Norris

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    If leaders of Iran would take a cue from the former king of Persia, now called Iran, it would be a "new day" for mankind. Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, recognized the special place in human history of ancient Israel. Not only did he befriend the Jews, he financed the rebuilding of their land. There are two views that dominate the concept of divinity. Polytheism [ many gods] represents the view of many cultures, but rejected by both the Judaeo and Christian faiths, whereas Monotheism [ one God], is the unifying force that binds America to the land of Israel, a bond not easily broken. Sadly, the infiltration of Polytheism, in one form or another in American culture will prove to be our Waterloo. The struggle continues.

    Quote:  Roy Falls 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Roy & Gail singing NOTHING BETWEEN

This is one my mother's favourite hymns, that has such a scriptural message, that could very well be used to spark an interest in hymns of the faith, which were sung in by-gone revival days. Roy Falls

Friday, August 29, 2014

Setting The Record Straight

The latest from

 The mystique of the legendary J. Frank Norris continues to baffle the critics and remains a hero to countless unknowns who relish the stories of this dynamic preacher.  To label Norris as a 'sensationalist' is at best a half-truth.  In this regard, he takes a back seat to the likes of Billy Sunday.  While it is true he was no staid-laid-back orator, to be labeld a "sensationalist" is a stretch.  His phenomenal success must surely go much deeper.

However, one may describe success, a turing point in Norris' ministry has to raise significant questions.  In this age of turmoil, who could find fault with opening doors for the down and outters.  Yet in the days of clerical stiff-necks, this very thought was anathema in many circles.  Think of this.  Hundreds of poor individual hoodlums joining the church weekly was just too much for the 'ups' and 'havers'.

To some, he was an uncouth sensationalist, but to others he was an eloquent but earthy communicator.  Let it be said, that sermons were delivered with tears and laughter, but both brought joy.  To the dismay of the 'ladies aid society', their demise was soon in the making.

The super critics have made much of the brazen  antics in which Norris engaged, for the purpose of illustrations, but none of which were as far out as critics would have us believe.

Locking the door until the money is raised is a prime example.  Considered only as a "tongue-in-cheek remark" who could be so narrow-minded to forbid a little humor now and then.  (Having been present, this is what I observed).  Now that liberal theology has snuffed out hard facts, is it any wonder that we now have a make-believe religion hovering all around?

There was no greater admirer of J. Frank Norris than the Director of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Brooks Morris, truly a gentleman of the first order, admired and respected by Fort Worth's elitists.  His testimony to me. ("Norris was the truest man of real character of my entire acquaintance.")

Much ado has been made of anti-Catholic rhetoric during the 1920's, while disregarding the tenor of the times so prevalent in that time period, when most all of the Protestants engaged in anti-Catholic rhetoric.  Apologists are fond of explaining the epoch period as a "product of the times".  All but Norris are given a 'free pass'.  Past religious preachers should never be given a 'free pass'...... including Norris, Baptists, Protestants and Catholics alike.  As a side note of interest, some significance bears mentioning.  Even as extreme religious rhetoric has lessoned in the U.S., it is noteworthy to mention the transition taking place in Mexico.  Little notice has been given the impact of Baptist missionaries in Mexico.  While not a haven for liberty, Baptist missionaries are given a much greater degree of freedom than in years past.  J. Frank Norris was a prime mover of mission efforts and the full story is yet to be told.

Norris, noted for his vigilant lashing of "corrupt" politicians, was a man ahead of his time.  What politician has ever escaped the same accusations?  For muckrakers, politicians are fair game.  Why does it become off limits when uttered from the pulpit?

According to Jerry Flemons, a deceased journalist for the Fort Worth Star Telegram and biographer of the late Amon G. Carter, J. Frank Norris paid a visit to the office of Mr. Carter.  In 1920, Carter had always considered Norris as a nuisance to the reputation of Fort Worth's image.  Norris called on Carter, suggesting the two agree to a truce.  According to Flemons, Carter ordered Norris out of his office uttering unwelcomed expletives.  To his credit, as times changed, the Fort Worth Star Telegram issued a glowing tribute upon the death of J. Frank Norris in 1952.

The most devastating blow to the J. Frank Norris legacy is the report he "killed an unarmed man."  The court transcripts show that no such "conclusive proof" ever surfaced that such was the case.  In fact, we will never know if such was the case.  Due to conflicting testimony, the question of Norris' guilt or  innocence was never based upon whether or not Chipps was "unarmed".  It all becames a 'moot' question and remains so until this day.  To assert "he killed" an unarmed man was not a court question.
Norris' enemies hoped this brazen event would forever blot out the memory of J. Frank Norris.  But instead, his horizons had not yet peeked.  His adventure into the 'north land' was yet to come.  In the late 1930's, he took the city of Detroit by storm, followed by the legacy of the mammoth Temple Baptist Church.  There are many versions of the 'Chipps' affair.  Among the most bizarre, is that Chipps was in Norris' office asking for a donation, which accounts for the so-called 'hip pocket move'.  Fiction is stranger than 'facts'.  The J. Frank Norris Historical Society is committed to factual findings of this remarkable career.
~ Roy Falls

Monday, June 30, 2014


Civilization has always been divided by dualistic ideas. Currently, the cliche of the 'Haves' and the 'Have-Nots' has become one way of clarifying social issues. Even intellectualism has not escaped this identifying mark. So we have the 'wits' and 'half-wits'. It is now established (in the minds of 'the crowd'), that to get ahead, you need to be a 'joiner'. Out of this concept, 'the crowd' has created the monstrosity of self-interests, headed up by lobby organizations. To get ahead, you must 'join the group'. They 'can do for you, what you can not do for yourself'.

So, we have government employee lobby groups, and we have union organizations. We have educational lobby groups. On and on the scenario balloons out of control. And what is left is the lonely, isolated individual which I have labeled as the victimized 'snookeree'. Noah was probably the original 'snookeree'. Yes, he was snickered at, but became the winner in the end. The vast majority of humanity should be classified as 'snookerees'. It is not disgraceful to be a snookeree, for in most cases, they never lose the ideal of following the dictates of a pure conscience. Snookeroos are not all bad people. Lest anyone get the idea that the above smacks of socialism, you are wrong. I have seen too much of injustice, and for conscience sake, I come down on the side of the snookeroees, who have been snookered far too long.

~ Roy Falls original quote 

(Roy Falls was greatly influenced under the ministry of J Frank Norris)

Friday, May 16, 2014

"KILROY WAS HERE" .... video of May 6th, 2014

"Kilroy was here" ... My daughter & son took this video of me when we were in Washington D.C. on May 6th. I am in the process of writing an informative/interesting book about how this well-known, cute little quote and drawing came about....the real story behind it. The drawing of "Kilroy was here" was seen on almost every bathroom partition during World War II. ~ Roy Falls (fb J Frank Norris)

"Kilroy was here" ... follow-up statement to video

This brief follow-up of the recent (May 6th) video made in Washington D.C. is the story of legendary character Matthew Kilroy, one of the British soldiers involved in the "Boston Massacre" in 1770.  It seems logical in view of WWII anecdotal  events to explain the significance of this legendary character.  This newer generation is barely familiar with the phrase, "Kilroy Was Here."

Events of the past are fraught with anecdotal facts and fiction.  In the case of Matthew Kilroy, he was indeed a real live person at the time of the American Revolution.   It can be arguably asserted that the United States of America might never have happened if there had not been an 'American Revolution.'  If there had not been a 'Boston Massacre', there might not have been a 'Revolutionary War' that followed.  Historians have agreed that the 'Boston Massacre' was the event that triggered the war of independence. 

If there had not been the murder of  'Samuel Gray' at the "Boston Massacre", there would have been no significance of the confrontation between Samuel Gray and Kilroy at the scene of the 'rope-walk', a rope making industry in early colonial history.  Here is where the plot had it's beginning.  Kilroy, one of the British soldiers stationed in Boston, in looking for part-time work, was offered work in cleaning out Gray's 'outhouse'.  Kilroy considered Gray's remarks to the 'humiliating' and vowed to take revenge at his first opportunity.  It happened on March 5, 1770, when Gray was spotted among the mob during the time of this fateful event.

Kilroy became the number one aggressor.  He had followed thru with his vow to even the score against Samuel Gray.  It was at the trial, that the phrase "Kilroy was there" was coined and thus the phrase has had a lasting experience throughout new England folklore.  The above is reflected in the little cartoon with the words "Kilroy Was Here", so popular in WWII .

Kilroy is seen looking over the partition of army latrine toilet, and in his mind, he is getting the 'last laugh'. 

You heard it 'first' from Roy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The writer Jude says that "the grace of God hath appeared to all men." There is no hint in scripture of a universal salvation, but the way God works in the heart of all humanity is common to all. Every man, woman and even child at some point in life has sensed that feeling of a void in their life. They become aware that something is missing. Where does that nagging feeling come from? None other than that "still small voice " ... the silent working of the Spirit of Christ. If that awareness is not choked out by the cares of life, then that awareness soon develops into a thirst after righteousness. ... ( Matt. 5:6) "Blessed are they, who do hunger and "thirst" after righteousness." Who is the author of all this inter-struggle, none other than the blessed Holy Spirit carrying out the good graces of God. The providential care of merciful God can hear the feeble prayer of a lost sinner. "Lord be merciful to me a sinner."  How then can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?

~ Roy Falls, Founder of The J Frank Norris Historical Society

Pure Sign of Apostasy

 A sure sign of apostasy is the flawed attempt to explain away the "the sting of death." 

 Roy Falls,  Founder of the J Frank Norris Historical Society.

Life is Full of Hoaxes

There is none more deadly than the hoax of unproven evolution . It is all traced back to the rebellion of the fallen angels. Any attempt to replace the authority of scriptures is the seed of rebellion. "In the beginning was the WORD.' Ask, and you will receive; knock, and it shall be Opened unto you; seek , and you will find. W hem grace is bestowed, the sin of rebellion will be gone.

~ Roy Falls, founder: J. Frank Norris Historical Society

Israel Will Survive

Somehow Israel will survive. Not a prophetic word, just a verification of scripture.


Saddest Words Ever Penned

Genesis 6: 8
If America, nationwide, would humble itself before God, all of the impending doomsday talk would vanish. Will this happen? Our fervent prayer is, we would hope so. But sadly, its almost more than we could hope for, when we consider the depth of our spiritual departure. The saddest words ever penned, IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN.

~ Roy Falls,  founder of The J Frank Norris Historical Society.